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Do you want to download an ITALIAN MOVIE?

Do you need to see an new released movie in Italy, but you’re away?

So, if you have “internet”: NO PROBLEM!

We’ve a good collection of site that come update very often, so you can find all movie that you need. In this sites you have to make (of course) a little registration, because it is available only to registered user (to protect it self from search engine crawling and other similiar problem ^-^), but all registration is FREE and EASY. When you log on on this sites you can see all link to download the AVI files using the FILE SHARING platform most used, such Megaupload and Rapidshare, but you can find also link to minor file sharing server.

Probably the best one is:

(for avi)

(for streaming)

(for emule link)

(for torrent link)

another one is:


XXX section (if you is less than 18 year old, please DON’T LOOK!)

If you are looking to a good “porno” web site, look at:

(for avi)

(for streaming)


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